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Animeria is a Global IT Solutions and Global Education and Training company that commenced its education and training business in 2013 and has trained over lacs of students worldwide. Animeria is an Indian Venture trusted by 200+ Brands all over the world. Animeria offers learning management and training delivery solutions to corporations, institutions and individuals. It has three main lines of business worldwide: Corporate Learning Group ( CLG), Skills and Carrer Group ( SNC) and School Learning Group ( SLG). Animeria provide access to high quality computer education to all those who seek it, irruptive of age, region or formal qualification. We are promoting and developing Information Technology in India. To those entering the portals of this prestigious Institute. I welcome you to the world of experiential learning & wish you the best on having a positive, impactful, and life- long experience in the very important phase of your academic life at  Animeria Institute of Information Technology