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Best Trending Courses in 2021

Best Trending Course in 2021

If you’re looking to make an IT skills investment or start a new career path in 2021 after the pandemic time of coronavirus, these are the areas to consider which will have a higher scope than other Industries. Areas with 100% growth in 2020 -Trending Course- Ux-Ui Design, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketer, Video Editing, Software Engineering. These are some industries already in demand by years and have more than a 30% growth rate in 2021.

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Let me explain more about the Best Trending courses in 2021: Graphic Designing is a good option if you add more skills along with that such as video editing, website designing, and Digital Marketing then it will more beneficial for you in long run. you don’t need to do another course in the coming years just to upgrade yourself but you will earn more and more by your experience.
The minimum salary for freshers as per the survey will be 15-18k and for experienced holders, it will go up by 30k. But the requirement of companies from the employees to be fast, multitasking, and effective. Due to lockdown, many people lost their job, companies start firing employees for cost-cutting. they will hire new employees with more skills as the GDP is very low.
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