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Data Analysis and Visualization in Excel and Power BI

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According to the forecasts of the World Economic Forum, by 2020 data analysts will be in high demand in companies around the world. ... This is further confirmed by IBM, which claims that the annual demand for data scientists, data developers and data engineers will lead to 700,000 new recruitments by 2020.

The scope of professional opportunities is anticipated to grow in years to come. Takeaway: Prescriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Descriptive Statistics are the major three types of Data Analytics job opportunities, and focusing on a niche can help you master and get competitive advantage in specific areas

Skilled data analysts are some of the most sought-after professionals in the world. Because the demand is so strong, and the supply of people who can truly do this job well is so limited, data analysts command huge salaries and excellent perks, even at the entry level

In 2018 the World Economic Forum published its predictions for the future workforce through 2022. In it, the WEF identified that by 2022, 85% of companies will have adopted big data and analytics technologies.  As a result, the “new role” of Data Analyst is forecast to be one of the most in-demand jobs by 2022

What is Data Analytics?

As the process of analyzing raw data to find trends and answer questions, the definition of data analytics captures its broad scope of the field. However, it includes many techniques with many different goals.

The data analytics process has some components that can help a variety of initiatives. By combining these components, a successful data analytics initiative will provide a clear picture of where you are, where you have been, and where you should go.

What Data Analyst do?

A data analyst collects, processes, and performs statistical analyses on a large dataset. They discover how data can be used to answer questions and solve problems. With the development of computers and an ever-increasing move toward technological intertwinement, data analysis has evolved. The development of the relational database gave a new breath to data analysts, which allowed analysts to use SQL (pronounced “sequel” or “s-q-l”) to retrieve data from databases.

Course Details

The program gets you hands-on with data analysis and visualization in Advanced Excel along with equipping you with an understanding of data handling in Power BI with progression towards complex data visualization in Power BI.

Scope of Data Analytics in India?

The scope of data analytics in India includes companies in policing, banking, healthcare, fraud detection, e-commerce, energy, telecommunications, and risk management.

What is the average salary of a Data Analyst in India?

The average salary of an entry-level Data Analyst salary in India is ₹325,616. The average salary of a mid-level Data Analyst salary in India is ₹635,379. The average salary of an experienced Data Analyst salary in India is ₹852,516.


What is the future of a Data Analyst?

The World Economic Forum has forecast that data analysts will be in high demand by 2020. Women are giving tough competition to men in the data analysis field — the female to male data analyst ratio is 41 to 59. There is a growing demand for “interpretation of data,” which machines have not fully mastered as yet

Learning Objectives

 Learning using excel in Data Analysis and Visualization

  1. Using Excel inbuilt functions and user-defined formula to for data analysis
  2. Using Excel Data Analysis Tool pack for data analysis
  3. Creating and customizing charts in excel for data visualization

 Data Visualization in Power BI

  1. Understanding Power BI Interface and Power BI Variants I.e. Power BI Desktop and Web
  2. Using Excel Data in power BI for visualization
  3. Reporting/Dashboarding using Power BI
  4. Publishing Power BI Dashboards
  5. Data relationships and queries in Power BI
  6. Data Transformations in Power BI

Eligibility to Join Data Analytics Course:

Have basic knowledge of working in the Windows environment and Microsoft excel

Knowledge of Math’s / Statistics up to Class XII


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