Work with Tally ERP 9

Duration Course Type
36 Hours Classroom

Learn MS-Office Tally
Intensive Learning

12,700+ Learners
Industry Experienced Faculty

  • Learn the most popular business accounting software
  • Learn to use MS office tools for financial analysis and report making
  • Learn to record business transactions and manage account information
  • Extensive Learning hours with 36 hours of classroom training along with real time practice on data sets for better learning and increased retention


Course Details

The Programme on Accounting with Tally.ERP9  would enable the students to record the business transactions and manage the accounts information for an organization using the popular Tally Business Accounting Software. In addition, students will be able to solve his/her day-to-day tasks efficiently by using the various Office productivity tools such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, generally used for financial analysis and report making.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to create professional MS-Word documents and format texts and paragraphs
  2. Work with an Excel worksheet by entering and selecting the data in it
  3. Modify a worksheet, perform calculations and print workbook contents
  4. Understand and apply basic principles of accounting
  5. Understand double-entry system of accounts
  6. Understand the basic features associated with Tally
  7. Identify the key components of Tally
  8. Process and record the business transactions and manage the accounts information
  • Creating and Managing Professional Documents Using Microsoft Office Word
  • Presenting and Managing Data Effectively Using Microsoft Office Excel
  • Accounting with Tally.ERP 9

Undergraduates & Graduates looking to enter the accounting domain and understand basics of Tally. Should have basic IT awareness (Windows OS and PC Essentials).

Should be able to understand and converse in English. Preferably should have commerce in Class XI and XII.


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