Strategies To Score More Than 90% Marks In CBSE Boards


Strategies to score more than 90% marks in CBSE Boards

I am an Entrepreneur by Profession and running my own Education School. In my School most of the Students ask their mentors how to score 90% or more in CBSE Boards as its genuine concern among all the students. Every topper or Sincere student worried about their 12th percentage as it will impact their future.

With my all past experience, i will share the tips which helps you to score 90s in CBSE Board. But before sharing the tricks i will share some questions which comes in your mind before examination.

Question : 1 

Can every student score 90 % or more ?

No, Not everyone can score 90 or more nor I can commit as it’s totally depends on your strategy and hard work. If someone want to score high or want to top then they work for it from the very first day. From the beginning they work hard. They always prepare their notes from day 1. It’s not a burden if you study for an hour at your home after the school. It your backup. If you wasted your 9 months and want to top in only 3 months of study so in 95% of cases it is not possible as you can’t learn the whole year syllabus in just 3 months. 

So Give your 1 hour to your studies on regular basis so in the last 3 months you only need to brush up what you have you studies in 9 months and look up to the notes you prepares.

Question 2

Will  evaluation process harms your CBSE Boards percentage ?

As I already said that, It’s all up to your Hard work from the beginning of starting the new session whether you score 70%, 80% or 90% or more. Now here are my tips and tricks which comes from my experience.

Defeat Yourself –  whatever you scored last just forget and start from new. Focus on only one motive and to focus on one you need to create your goal so that you can move forward to achieve the same. 

Just keep one thing in your mind that you need to score more than 80s at any how and start working for it. You will definitely succeed if follow the same route. Always remember that you need to do better this time and you will do.

Study Syllabus Books – Have you ever notice the toppers or high scoring students always study their syllabus book as they know the importance and significance of that book which is the key to success.

Reference book is good to study but not to score good marks in boards this is for external exams after 12th. In the past history CBSE Boards exam question never comes out of the syllabus or from any reference book. Syllabus book designed as the strict pattern of CBSE Exam so I will recommend study from only Syllabus books.

Be Careful with your Weak Points- Your Weak Points result in low marks. Take a tour to your last answer sheet and all and analyse your mistakes which is a weak point suppose your handwriting so if it is then you need to improve it as it will rise in a deduction of marks. If the examiner unable to understand what you wrote then your hardwork will not going to pay off.

 Create a report of all your weak points and starting working on one by one and transform your weakness into the strongest.

Practicing the Old Sample Papers – There are lots of students who purchases so many reference books but of no use if you are not solving last 5 to 10 years questions papers. It is very important to solve old sample papers as it will help you to analyse the level of hardwork which you have done. If you score 90 in your first sample paper then congrats you are on the right and the best path. Don’t go for the answers directly, first solve it and if not aware of any question the Don’t worry at least try and write something. Old papers will help you a lot as you will get to know the difficulty level of the question and also get to know the repetitive chances of questions with the format of the exam paper and mark pattern.

Things to do or not on the examination day – Well !! Now everything is set. If you are prepared then it’s good if not then few hours will not help you anymore. Take a proper sleep before exam at least 8 hours. Do not stress your mind thinking about how will be the exam and I left one chapter if question comes from the same then what i will do Oh No !! .. Stop… Remember only what you prepared for. Forget everything and Leave your Study materials at home itself and stop revising after the sleep. Revise everything last night then do not confuse yourself with new things or with the revision part. 

Wake up early and go with the fresh mind for the exam. Don;t forget to have some rice meal if you are foody or feel hungry. Never ever take Chapati’s before exam as it will make you sleepy during exam and stop the mechanism of your mind as per the speed which actual needs during the exam.

During the examination –  Read the whole question paper first without making hurry !! Go through all the questions and marks assigned to that question and starting writing for the questions which you know you can do. Never left any question from the paper if not aware. Always try to write something related to that if not know the right one as i already told you that the teachers who appointed to check the answer sheet check 40+ sheet in 6 hours and mistakes chances are still there and it can be in right as well as in bad way. So see how luck will work.

After the exam-  If you goes in some tuition or school then do one thing. After the exam while reaching to home solve again that paper in another sheet or register or notebook and make your teacher to check it whatever score you will get in that reappear is the idea what actually you will score.

But make sure reappear after reaching home. Don’t take a gap of more than 30 min as whatever you write in your paper will stay in your mind for at least 30 to 60 minutes.

Don’t Leave the exam hall early – Never leave your exam hall early as you are not done yet. Whether you have completed or not stay in the hall and take your time, utilize it might be something is there you can put into your answer sheet. Read you answer sheet twice or thrice might be you remember some things related to your questions.

Plus Points before 3 months of exam –  Say Goodbye to your Messenger, Whatsapp, Every social network which you use and put phone in your bags before 3 months of exams as these things will not pay off but the boards percentage will. Exams time will not come again so take it seriously.


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