Why join Diploma in computer application after 12th from Art stream

 If you are worry about  your future for what to do after 12th as a Art student, then you don’t worry  because we have number of options for you  after completing 12th in Arts.

Diploma in computer applications

You can join Diploma in computer applications after 12th and Below are few points mentioned for why you should join this course and the carrer aspects related to this course.

As we know that in the last few years , IT industry has shown its great empire and now most of youth consider this field as their most preferred carrier option that is the only reason we are sharing some of best computer course after 12th as a Art student and also this course imparts scientific, practical and technical knowledge to its learners about various computer tools that are used in day to day life.

Due to the Globalization, Technology has changed day by day as computer is one part of Technology and computer field  provide ample opportunities in different field as it provide number of jobs in many field so you can choose one  among of courses which we are telling you about the best computer course after 12th as Art student .



This course help you to gain the efficient knowledge in less time and find quick opportunity and these course helps student with practical skill, technical skill and also provide the knowledge in about various computer tools and application  which are used in your daily life and some of them are as following-

Basic computer skill :

It provide how to operate the computer application for students learn how to upload field into folders move files from folder to folder etc.

MS office application:

All clerical and office related work be done by MS office.

PC Assembly:

Here,student learn about assembling hardware components to make  a customized computer


Here  students take knowledge of troubleshooting which help them solve different computer problems

Software Hacking:

Students gain knowledge of it as it  is process of exploting security issues and  bugs in different web  application and it .

IT security:

It provide knowledge of  protecting  computer  system for external theft, damage to their hardware, software application or internal data issue.

Type of Diploma in computer application:


This language consist computer  language like Java script,Java ,pxthan,c+ etc and today it has high demand in market.


It has more demand of animation artists in both Television and film industries. This course help you enhance your computer based knowledge interms of software techniques drawing animation and vedio editing

Web designing:

Web designing is the integral part of IT industry and have high demand in companies.


There is no doubt Diploma in Computer Application can help you find job opportunities globally.

After completing Diploma in computer applications you become computer programmer or operator. you can work in clerical level like receptionist, computer operator, cyber cafe owner, work in BPO, you can become Accountant, you can also work as a computer teacher etc.


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