Certification in Miscorosft Office

  • Total Duration : 80 Hours
  • Course Type : Classroom

Develop technology skills

Intensive Learning

980+ Learners

Industry Expert Faculty

  • Develop basic technology skills – Learn to Create, edit and design the documents using MS Word and MS Powerpoint advanced feature’s.
  • Extensive Learning hours with 80 hours of classroom training along with real time practice on data sets for better learning and increased retention
  • Learn Basics Calculation formula in excel
  • Learn to prepare professional Word documents and high impact presentations
  • Learn Professional Emailing format using Outlook
  • Learn Professional and higher editions of Microsoft Office Suite Applications using MS Access – Database Management System
  • Learn edit document through Notepad Text Editor

Course Details

The skills imparted through this programme will orient the student to newer skills that are most sought after in today’s jobs like supporting critical decisions through data analysis with MS Office Excel or preparing Word documents for use of multiple stakeholders in an organization or preparing high impact presentations for the management or stakeholders. The programme will acquaint the student with the ever evolving computing world, providing good understanding of working on the Internet and using search engines. In addition, it also imparts training in Databases with Text editor, paint and Outlook


Learning Objectives

1. Work Smart with Microsoft Office and the Internet

2. Basic Excel Tools & Techniques for Analyzing Data

3. Database Management System using MS Access

4. Functionality of Outlook


  1. Basic Excel Tools & Techniques for Analyzing Data
  2. Preparation of Word documents
  3. Preparation of high impact presentations
  4. Editing Documents with Text Editor Notepad
  5. Draw Pictures using Paint
  6. Database Management System by MS Access
  7. Email using Outlook


1. Student will need to undergo the Interview to check overall English skills.

2. Academic Qualification: Student should have completed Class X or above.

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