Certification in Graphic Design and Video Editing

Duration Course Type
06 months Classroom

Learn Designing Tips
Intensive Learning

12,700+ Learners
Learn from Company Professionals

  • Focussed on Job Placement & Job Interview
  • Course material developed by Industry’s design experts
  • Your teachers will be actual designers from IT Industry
  • Focus on modern technologies demanded by leading Web design companies and MNCs
  • Full of live hands-on exercises and projects
  • Animeria Institute provides you best-in-class placement assistance
  • Bonus Personality Development Course covering Professional Communication, Email Etiquette and Interview Handling Skills


Course Details

Our Graphic Design Course with certification programme is aimed at preparing you for the needs of a modern web design company. The course and its course material has been prepared with inputs from experts graphics designers working in leading graphics design companies and MNCs. The course material is also kept up to date as per the latest trends.

You will start by learning basics of the mosts popular image editing tool in the world – Photoshop. This will be followed by other tools like Illustrator and Indesign. The course will eventually lead up to concepts like Creative Visualization, Typography, Designing graphics for websites and UI/UX concepts.


Fundamental of Graphic Design (Session 6) Introduction to Adobe Photoshop (Session 20) Introduction to Adobe Illustrator(Session 15) Introduction to CorelDraw (Session 10)
  • Fonts/ Typography Typography Basics and Anatomy
  • Impact of Typography in Graphic Design
  • Colour Theory
  • Visual communication
  • Elements of Design
  • Concept of Time Vs Quality Balance
  • Introduction of Graphic designing
  • Photoshop Workspace
  • Understanding Layers and Groups
  • Tools in Photoshop
  • Brief of all Tools
  • Photoshop Essentials
  • Move and Alignment tools
  • Raster vs. Vector , Understanding Image Formats
  • Retouching Tools
  • Selection techniques in Photoshop
  • Pen Tool- creating shapes and Paths
  • Dummy Content
  • Colours Fundamental of Communication
  • Other Menus Option
  • Other useful option of Edit and Selection menu
  • Character and Paragraph
  • Filters Effect
  • Smart Objects Explained
  • Grids and Rulers
  • Masking
  • Image Formats
  • Gif Animation
  • Projects
  • A peek at Illustrator Interface
    Introduction to Illustrator
  • Working with illustrator Panels
  • Fine Tuning Selection
  • Groups and Direct selection techniques
  • Applying Character and Paragraph Settings
  • Working with Shapes, Fills & Strokes
  • Trace and Stylize a City Landscape
  • Working with Paths
  • The Scissors & knife Tools
  • Working with Type
  • Applying Character and Paragraph Settings
  • Using the Transform Each Technique for Patterns
  • Working with effects
  • Opacity and blending Modes
  • Defining a Clipping path
  • Introduction of Corel
  • CorelDraw Tools
  • Working with Text Tools
  • Working with Tables & Other Tools
  • Some Useful menu Option
  • Table tools
  • Envelope , Extrude AND Transparency
  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design 01
  • Banner Designing
  • Process of Design (6 Sessions)
  • Creative Brief Understanding Creative Brief
  • Type of Projects Understanding Static vs Dynamic
  • Creating Wireframes
  • Information Architecture

12th pass student of any stream/ Graduate’s/ Undergraduate’s/ Freelancers/ Working Professionals



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