What is Graphic Design

Graphic Design is art with a purpose. It involves a creative and systematic plan to solve a problem or achieve certain objectives, with the use of images, symbols etc.

Graphic Designers create and combine symbols, images and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages. The skills used in graphic designing are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, 2D, 3D designing, Art direction, Colour theory, typography, print and editorial design etc.

Is Graphic Design a Good Career?

Graphic designers are very much in demand as we all know web presence is how much important for an individual to survive in a market or for a company to grow or exist same Social presence also matters a lot. whether its client, employee or other person first they check your web presence then social presence to get idea about company standard.

Most any business could use the skills of a great graphic designer, and since so much of the job is digital, remote options are plentiful. This means graphic designers aren’t limited to working in certain locations. you can even work from home and earn a good income.

Whether its School, College, Company or freelancers, infact all of us are using social media some uses for socialize their or increase their followings, some uses to promote their brand, some for promote their services. So Graphic Design will always be in demand whether its 2020 or 2030 or 2040. It increasing day by day.

Can Anyone learn Graphic Designing ?

Yes, Anybody can learn designing and become a Good Designer with the right tools and skills. It matters from where do you learn and how much you practice as in Designing your creativity and practice will pays off.

A designer can earn 10,000 in a month and same lacs in a month, its totally depends on their smart work at organization and hard work at their learning center and home after classes.

Its your passion and hard work which will help you to become a Successful and a Creative Graphic Designer.

Is Graphic Designing is Hard ?

Graphic designing is not hard if you love it and see yourself in a creative sphere. It’s totally upon you whether you enjoy it or takes as a burden. Designing is a magnificent process because you are creating Philosophy of art. If you have something to show the world and want to communicate via illustration.

What Qualification does companies required for  Graphic Designers?

There are no set requirements. You’ll usually need a foundation degree, HND or degree in graphic design or other visual art subject. You’ll need a portfolio of work to demonstrate your creativity. Some relevant work experience, especially on a live project, will help when looking for a job.

Which Institution is best for Learning Graphic Designing Course?

Well, In Delhi NCR these 2 institute’s are best for Graphic Design Training:

  • AIIT (Animeria Institute of Information Technology
  • e Sac (Eye bride school of arts and communication)

These two institute provide best graphic design training in Delhi ncr. AIIT is the best computer training institute in dwarka and best graphic designing institute in Delhi NCR as It is having their own designing firm which helps students to place after finishing their course as well for getting a company work exposure from clients work.



Why you should Join AIIT for Graphic Designing Course ?

Animeria Institute of Information Technology is Globally recognized and its course structure is inspired by MIT. AIIT Provide Certified Training with Live Projects. AIIT provide network of Opportunities. you will learn more with AIIT Interactive Discussion Sessions.

As talked before, being a graphic designer allows you to work in different industries including advertising, magazines, computer games, websites, books, and corporate communication. This is the big picture! You can either choose to be just a graphic designer or become an illustrator.

I suggest everyone who is thinking to boost their career in the field of designing, first you should understand what is graphic designing and ask yourself will you able to do it. Are you creative enough to get a package of 5 lacs in starting. If yes !! then go for it.


How to reach AIIT – Best Graphic Designing Institute in Delhi?

you can visit AIIT website www.animeriainstitute.com   or visit their Dwarka Branch at Dwarka sector 7 without taking any prior appointment. Customers has rated AIIT by 4.9.

you can see AIIT Public Listing at





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