About Vaishali Rajput

Yes ! Today we will talk about Ms. Vaishali Rajput, Founder and the Director of Animeria Institute of Information Technology. Animeria Institute of Information Technology is often used as AIIT which is a venture of Animeria Pvt Ltd. Ms. Vaishali Rajput and Ms. Sarla is the Director of Animeria Pvt Ltd. Ms Vaishali Rajput was born on 14th June, 1996 at Delhi, Dwarka. His father is a Lab Technician in Government Sector and mother is her company’s Shareholder.

About Vaishali Rajput – Director of Animeria Institute of Information Technology

Vaishali Rajput Past Experiences

Ms. Vaishali Rajput is an Entrepreneur by Profession by past 6 yrs. She had Masters in Sales and Marketing from ICFAI University and a former Software Engineer. She worked with Topmost Brands like NIIT and APTECH. She worked as a Counselor as well as the Center Head.

She always worked during her working life as this is her own business. She never takes her job as a Job. Due to that enormous efforts Today She is Here !!  Her dream was becoming a Successful Business Women and finally she become.

Motivation Behind Vaishali Rajput Success

As per the talk with Ms Vaishali Rajput she told us that Ms Neha Pabreja, Director at NIIT Dwarka and Lakme Academy, Mr Mukesh Singh, Center Manager at NIIT and Lakme Academy, Mr Anshul Kaushal, Director at Aptech Computer Education is the person who motivated her a lot and just because of their trust and motivation she comes till here.

Vaishali Rajput started her first business in Education Industry and second in Designing Agency and having more business plans for future. She believe’s in hard work, Loyalty which makes her a beautiful person all over.

Vaishali Rajput Skills

Vaishali Rajput is having Public Speaking Skills which make her stand apart from everyone. She is famous and loved for being true in front of customers while selling. She is running business but not playing with public money earned by their hard work. She genuinely guide people without any selfishness whether it converts into Sales or not.  According to her, Sales is not everything in business till the frontier gets the things clear that whatever being told to them is for their benefit and accurate without any sake of money.

This makes her a Genuine and a Good Boss across our company.

Characteristics of Vaishali Rajput

About Vaishali Rajput – Director of Animeria Institute of Information Technolo

Her Dreams is too high but she is not afraid of making them true. She is a Day Dreamer. She is punctual towards her work and commitment. For her, Her Commitment is everything. She is dedicated towards her work. She always wanted to be a part of successful people crowd passed out from her institute. She is one of the director who wants that her all institution student become successful and become a choice of top recruiters. Their students represents her and her institution everywhere in their professional career.


  • Punctual
  • Hard working
  • Loyal
  • Leadership Quality
  • Calm and Patient
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